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Advanced Features


Ground movements
Structure load variations and deformations
Vibrational states and stress caused by external forces
Structural shifts


Remote control of devices
Customizable alarms for anomalous measurements sent via email, social, text message or a phone call
Danger alerts sent to facility management


Fire prevention
Time before breakdown calculation
Future cost and intervention evaluation
Total/partial structural failure prevention


All data collected is guaranteed by blockchain, a shared and immutable data structure whose content once written is not editable or deletable.

Platform features, services and licensing

Sensoworks is available both as a “one-time” license and with a recurring monthly subscription. Our quality standards include training and customer support. Modular Architecture and Offering allows us to build a solution targeted for all your needs.¬†
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Subscription (monthly)**

Platform features

Unlimited connectivity

Keep devices continuously connected at no extra price.

Device management

Manage a register of device.

Up to 1000

Up to 1000

Unlimited device

Infinite number of devices managed.

Contact Sales

Contact Sales

Data collection

Collect data from your connected devices, store and process time-series data, connect external storage and processing systems.


View and manage your connected devices and their data with flexible dashboards.

Automated Report

Generate custom reports with your data.

Alarms management

Set alarms threshold and notifications via e-mail and sms.

Device configuration

Manage the connected devices' configuration individually or by networks.

Command execution

Send remote commands to edge gateways.


Secure device connectivity. Use SSL/TLS encription.

Edge Gateway features

Unlimited connectivity

Keep devices continuously connected at no extra cost.

Device management

Manage a register of devices.

Data collection

Collect data from your connected sensors, store and process time-series data.


Generate standard reports in csv format.

Alarms management

Set alarms threshold and notifications via e-mail.


40h training included

Training on platform and/or edge gateway.

24h architect included

Architect support for design solution.

Engineering support

Assistance with questions related to your solution implementation based on Sensoworks.

Contact Sales

Contact Sales

Production support

Support in diagnosing and troubleshooting operational issues in your production environments.

Contact Sales

Contact Sales

Custom engineering services

Have our engineers implement new platform features or assist you in the development of your solution.

Contact Sales

Contact Sales

Support and Maintenance

Online knowledge base

H24, 7x7, dedicated account support

20%, first year included


OTA updates

Software update at scale. Platform and Edge Gateways.

20%, first year included


License terms

Hosting in your infrastructure

Hosting in your clients' infrastructure

License for test environment included

White labeling

Billing cycle

Annually, one-shot


*means 20% from the second year, estimated on the amount of licenses bought at the time.
** based on a 1-year contract billed monthly

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