Il fenomeno delle Città Circolari

Un'analisi Sensoworks

Le nostre città sono in continua evoluzione. Alcuni di questi cambiamenti, tuttavia, sono rapidi e radicali.

Scopri cosa sono le città circolari, perché suscitano grande interesse e quale sia il ruolo delle piattaforme di monitoraggio in questa rivoluzione, che coinvolgerà sempre più persone e servizi urbani.

All’interno informazioni e suggerimenti legati a casi studio reali sul tema delle Circular City.

Argomenti principali

Nuovi Modelli

Introduzione al modello di città circolare, con accenni alla sostenibilità e ai servizi orientati alle persone.

Enabling Technologies

The technologies, old and new, behind the behind new services that enable the new concept of smart city.

Use Cases

A focus on the most relevant applications: from Smart Parking to Waste Management.

A Vision on the Future

Where will we go? And how can we take an active part in such a huge change?

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Authors spotlight

Niccolò De Carlo,
CEO and Co-Founder of Sensoworks

Niccolò has worked in the fields of architectural design and application development for years, dealing with the definition of proposals and tech solutions. His natural aptitude and passion for technology helps him put all his efforts in the design of new solutions through Sensoworks.

Ciro Romano,
CEO of GreenVulcano Technologies Group

Ciro has a long-standing and vast experience about the IT market. His passion for sci-fi literature allows him to picture and implement strongly innovative and visionary elements in the technology the companies in the GreenVulcano Group develop.

Andrea Canfora,
Data Extraction Engineer at Sensoworks

Andrea gained his vast experience working in companies specialized in structure and infrastructure monitoring advanced solutions. At Sensoworks, his cross-field engineering skills allow him to be the joining link between the solution design team and the technical team that deals with the actual realization of the ideas.

Sensing the future

Some numbers

Structure & SmartCity Projects Implemented
Number of Installed Sensors
TB of Data Exchanged/year
Alarms managed per year

About Sensoworks

Sensoworks is a young start-up, founded in 2020 as a spin-off of GreenVulcano Technologies, an italian 20-y.o. experienced system integrator.

The main aim of our project is to support companies in their journey toward digitization and, in particular, to help companies develop the correct infrastructure, focus their IT efforts according to their goals and choose the correct products in line with their budget and ambitions.

We have found out a great answer on the market, strong relationships that helped us to work with great companies into large international projects.

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