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Our Team

Niccolò De Carlo
Ciro Romano
Gianfranco Iannello
Alfredo Adamo
Alessandro Niglio
Eleonora Stragliotto
Head of Sales
Arturo Barbato
Arturo Barbato
Vito Distante
Andrea Rampello
Joseph A. Feener
AI Engineer
Riccardo Nocella
Edge Computing

Company Overview

Sensoworks is a young start-up, founded in 2020 as a spin-off of GreenVulcano Technologies, an italian 20 y.o. experienced system integrator.

We have built this project with the main goal to support companies in their journey toward the digitalization and in particular to help companies raise the correct infrastructure, focus their IT effort given the aims and choose the proper products for the budget and ambitions to achieve.

We have found out a great answer on the market, strong relationships that helped us to work with great companies into large international projects.

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How we work

We strive to create a stimulating but easy and outgoing environment, where everyone can express himself without filters and limitations. We are sort of maniac of technologies and we love to find new and particular ways to do things. This means our approach is particular keen to experimentations and continuously development (with courses, article reading, etc.).

The field on which we work is really dynamic and in continuous change, so we like to debate hours on which technology is better to use as we like to deeply spend hours focused on our monitors to find unrecognizible bugs (maniacs, indeed!).

If you think you could be interested to work with us let’s see all the Jobs we’ve opened and share them on your your friends!

We Are Hiring
Group of young mixed race business people working together in the creative office. Team building concept. Office life. Cooperation

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to work hard to develop the best product for monitoring human infrastructures, design it to be intuitive for each and everyone working in a company, and communicate it fiercely, to reach everyone out there.

We started the company with one vision in mind: put all our skills, products and services at work to have infrastructures last longer, possibly even longer than the bridges and roads of Ancient Rome.

Sensoworks - Vision of the Future

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We Are Hiring

We plan to hire 5-6 people inside Sensoworks, to support our activity on the Usecases we are working on and on those we are still designing and proposing. Read more on the skill we are in search
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