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Product Description

Sensoworks is a ready-to-use service for remote management and control of complex infrastructure systems.

Sensoworks collects, monitors and interprets data from sensors linked to industrial equipment.


Sensor Monitoring

Our platform is capable to connect to all main sensor’s manufacturers to let you configure the company architectures without customization. Once configured, all sensors are monitored in real-time, data are collected, safely stored and organized to be analyzed by powerful algorithms.

Automatic Actions

Sensoworks can be easily configured to set automatic actions based on the information stored. Choose the action you want to trigger when a specific thing happens.

Custom Reports

Choose between pre-configured templates or use Sensoworks Report’s section to configure simple and catching reports, easily configurable by everyone.

Predictive Maintenance

We deeply study the industries we work with to build powerful algorithms that constantly check the health and status of your infrastructure, building or machinery. Thousands of hours of monitoring allow us to understand what is inside a normal range and what isn’t, to get you notified immediately.

Blockchain Certified

We focus on security at 360 degrees. All information collected, shared and analyzed by Sensoworks are not only protected but even certified through Blockchain technology. The result is an extra layer of transparent and certain security and information.


Sensoworks monitors the structural integrity of bridges and highway overpass.

Structural monitoring usually involves the measurement and control of static deck inclinations, deflection measurements of bridge beams, and dynamic modal parameters.

The Numbers

74 sensors

  • –  Thermometers
  • –  Inclinometers
  • –  Accelerometers
  • –  Strain sensors

3700 data acquired per second

Sampling frequency: 50 Hertz

System installation time: 5 days

Monitoring: 24/24h- 365d/year


Sensoworks monitors fans installed on highways’ tunnels.

The monitoring usually involve the measurement and control of static deformations (inclinations, axial deviation) of fan brackets, as well as the temperature and vibrational state of each fan.

The Numbers

28 fans

9 sensors per fan

  • –  Thermometers
  • –  Accelerometers
  • –  Strain sensors

5 km of optical fiber

Sampling frequency: 1000 Hertz

Monitoring: 24/24h - 365d/year


Sensoworks real-time checks sensors on assets like tunnels and roads, monitoring, for example, the convergence and longitudinal deformations of tunnels, and the overall status of the infrastructure.

The Numbers

80 sensors - 30 km optic fiber

7800 data acquired per second - 4 PLE

System installation time: 18 days

Monitoring: 365 d/year


Sensoworks platform is used to monitor the structural integrity of buildings in proximity to the demolition, excavation and construction of new buildings.

Structural monitoring involves measuring static deformations (inclinations, deflections, lengthening, shortening) and dynamic stresses (accelerations) on pre-existing structures and on bulkhead poles along the perimeter of the excavation.

The Numbers

50 Sensors

  • –  Thermometers
  • –  Inclinometers
  • –  Accelerometers
  • –  Strain sensors

1 km of optical fiber 50 Hertz per sensor

System installation time: 2 days


Monitoring underground tunnels and pipes, involves data acquisition of Brillouin distributed sensors installed in the sewer pipes of cities.

Sensoworks measures vertical and horizontal pipeline deformations, the level, speed and flow rate of the sewage and controls anomalies due to parasitic infiltrations from outside the pipeline. All data is indexed and dashboards are created to facilitate interpretation.

The Numbers

2 Brillouin loops

37 Km of Brillouin distributed fiber

Monitoring: 24/24h - 365d/year