Water Infrastructure

“A global water deficit of 40% is forecast for 2030”.

Water Infrastructure Revolution

Water Infrastructure

Water infrastructures are now obsolete and with increasing shortages. They require massive investments in technology to optimize supplies, reduce waste and offer a higher quality service.

The goal is to respond in real-time to water requests and, to ensure the safety of plants and water supply, switch to a service based on predictive rather than reactive systems.

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Water Infrastructures

All the benefits of new solutions: less waste, more quality

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Technologies enabling solutions for water infrastructure.

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Water Infrastructure

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About Sensoworks

Sensoworks was born two years ago to cover a rapidly growing market: the Internet of Things for monitoring civil infrastructures.
Niccolò De Carlo, one of the managers at the center of the new initiative, is particularly convinced of the validity of the new project and decides to leave his job to focus everything on the new reality.
Strengthened by the skills of Niccolò and the board of managers that supports him, Sensoworks develops its proprietary solution for monitoring infrastructures, based on innovative IoT technologies, and the power of artificial intelligence algorithms, and to make the first agreements for its sale in Italy.
In the last year, Sensoworks has developed highly specific solutions for the Circular City (eg. Waste Management, Smart Parking, etc).

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