A monitoring and cybersecurity solution for the Healthcare 4.0

For every healthcare device and for every clinical need.

The Sensoworks IIoT Platform acts as a centralised tool for the management and tracking of diseases and for the analysis of the devices safety.

Tracing & tracking

Leveraging wireless radio frequency technology, the transmitter used sends the data detected by the sensor to the patient’s smartphone on regular intervals during the 24 hours. The detected parameters are then displayed in the Sensoworks IIoT Platform, ready to be analysed by the health workers


The Sensoworks IIoT Platform will allow the healthcare professional to identify the patient for tracking purposes (contact tracing).

Security & Safety

Sensoworks IIoT Platform monitors the operating status of the devices from a security point of view. No matter whether it is a “wearable” device such as a glucometer, or a diagnostic device such as an X-ray or ultrasound system, the data are gathered in real time in order to prevent the occurrence of security problems due to tampering or attacks (cyber security), by notifying the control centre of the onset of these phenomena.

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