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What we can do for your business.

Our Vision

We dream of sustainable cities.

We want our cities, roads, and infrastructure to become sustainable.

We envision a future in which critical issues are predicted and avoided. Maintenance costs are minimized before damage is irreparable.

Let waste be a concept of the past.

We want everyday experience, efficient and safe infrastructure to serve citizens.

Our mission

We simplify the management and maintenance of infrastructure by making it talk.

Infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, construction sites, buildings, and wind turbines become intelligent and can tell us what we need.

What we do is understand – and help our customers understand – the health of these "objects," starting with the enormous amount of data they communicate.
In this way, we can easily prevent failures or problems.

For this reason, we work with companies that have chosen a solid foundation in infrastructure monitoring, with those that produce advanced sensors, and with experts in the field of monitored "things."

We have been awarded

short listed

In the top 10 most interesting emerging startups in Rome.


Best Practices for Innovation Award

first price

ConnecTo Startup Contest


Cybersecurity Made in Italy Challenge

It reads Dynamic Monitoring, it says Security for All.

Our strengths

edge computing
Data analysis
Anomaly detection
predictive maintenance
customized reports
automatic actions

Here we are.

A team of people with specialized skills.

Niccolò De Carlo

ceo & co founder

Ciro Romano

Chief R&D

Gianluca Granero


Paolo Fusco

Marketing specialist

Marco Cerciello

Jr. Sustainability Manager

Alessio Forte

Software Dev

Damiano Caddeo

Sr. Software Engineer

Marco Castiglione

Software Engineer

Vittorio Zavino

Sr. software engineer

Luca Landolfi


Outstanding partners

Still not convinced?

We are ready to prove our soundness.
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