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Sensoworks Platform is a fully managed, scalable and ready-to-use platform for your applications.
We provide vertical modules for your domain to reduce implementation costs while bringing the best in class solution for your needs.


We know how important the team is to achieve the best results. We offer our partners, as well as our internal and external customers, the utmost support to learn more about our products, the dynamic market in which we operate, and the best tools to work in the most challenging environments.

Find out in detail the benefits you can have by joining the Sensoworks partner program.

Sub-millisecond real-time data acquisition

Execution of implementation commands

Remote management and configuration of connected devices and the Edge itself (FOTA)

Integration with third-party IoT platforms via REST API or data streaming.

Geographic and geo-referenced visualization of devices and acquired data.

2D/3D digital twim (BIM) representation of the monitored infrastructure.

Event and alarm management (anomaly detection)

Real-time analysis of acquired data

Deployment of tinyML (federated learning) algorithms or ML

White labelling for personalized presentation style

Autonomous yet cooperative.

The sensoworks platform is tailored for the sensoworks edge solution.

However, we want to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to choose other existing platforms such as amazon, azure, google and others so that you can use our sensoworks edge solution to power them.

Main Gateway (Data Gate)

handles data input (authorization, authentication) from edge computing components.

API Gateway

Integration with third-party systems, data acquisition from other sources (not from devices). highly flexible and configurable, allowing the Core component to be integrated with our customers' Management systems, based on the most common Rest protocols and microservices.

Asset Management

device master data, content management related to individual devices (CMS, photos, data sheets, documentation).

Data certification

makes it possible to certify data in transit on the platform and consolidate reports due by law to infrastructure managers.

Stream processor

allows the processed data to be streamed to third-party systems. Thus integration based on live stream of data ( as opposed to integration via API gateway which is request/response).

The stream processor is also used as an internal component for passing data from one component to another in the platform and as a decoupling element.

Data Lake

We manage telemetry data from the devices. The data lake is highly scalable and supports sharding and clustering mechanisms for high reliability.

Web console

analytics, data visualization, dashboarding, BIM (digital twin), GIS, configuration, alarm and event management, etc etc

Alarms and Events

Management of alarm and notification thresholds. We support static thresholds with definition of threshold levels and who to notify through which channel (sms, email, phone call).

We support self-adaptive thresholds that then vary threshold values according to trend analysis.

Automatic actions

It is possible to define automatic actions when certain events or alarms occur. Such as sending an actuation command toward the monitored plant.


We support predictive maintenance for calculating the remaining life of a work.

We use the "unsupervised" approach thus based on trend variation (timestamp + payload).


Through the web console, automatically scheduled reports can be configured and accessed offline (export) by selecting the observation period and the type of information to be included within the report.

Start small, think big.

Start your project from one to thousands connected devices or Edges. Feel free to scale on your needs relying on microservices architectures available in multiple regions.

person raising hand under the window

Analyse. Predict. React.

Data Visualisation

Compose your own dashboards bringing the most useful widgets for your project. Data could be represented in real-time or on a selected time period.

Lower time to delivery

Take advantages from vertical modules we bring in your domain. Connect your devices and/or edges and start managing data in minutes.


Depending on your domain we provide out-of-the box algorithms ready to use. In monitoring infrastructure you could predict anomalies as a consequence of Operational Modal Analysis or anticipate a water leakage in a pipeline.


Whether it is manual or automatic, it is possible to configure an action to be performed in response to an event. It can be a command to be sent to an edge or a custom integration with a third-party system.

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