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A ready-to-use platform that can be integrated with any sensor and integrated with algorithms that enable predictive maintenance.

Sensoworks specializes in infrastructure monitoring (bridges, dams, construction sites and more complex constructions), as well as Circular City services (Waste Management, Smart Mobility & Parking, Smart Building).


Robust and efficient: it supports hundreds of connected devices without losing processing efficiency in the long run.

Resilient: stores data locally before forwarding it to the cloud platform. It guarantees the re-sending of data once north-bound connectivity is restored.

Scalable: choose the best deployment depending on your hardware and use case, and remember that the micro (squirrel) version supports deployment of individual components to microservices so even on different hardware (horizontal scalability).

Intelligent: make your devices intelligent not only by connecting them to your infrastructure but by giving value to the data generated by these devices. Identify anomalies via ML and you don't need huge datasets to train algorithms! We use the tiny federated ML approach that allows the edge to use simple, federated models or an "unsupervised" approach, thus learning from changes in observed trends over time (timestamp + payload).

Customizable: try our SDK to extend north-bound, core services and south-bound functionality.

Two products,
multiple solutions.

Our solution is based on two fundamental components that implement the fog computing paradigm. The PLATFORM component deputed to the centralized management of data, processes, etc. etc. and the EDGE component, which can also live a life of its own, deputed to manage events in the periphery and allow their processing, predict events and implement commands according to them.


Sensoworks Edge allows bringing data analysis and management to the edge, where the data is created.
It seamlessly synchronizes with the Sensoworks IoT Platform or third-party solutions depending on your business needs.

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Sensoworks Platform is a fully managed, scalable, and ready-to-use platform for your applications.

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The technologies we use.

bim & gis

  • 3D BIM model of the structure
  • Georeferenced layer of monitoring sensors
  • Status of sensors
  • Monitoring trend

AI algorithms

  • Anomaly Detection
    Tiny ML & DL
    Time series prediction and classification

proprietary Edge computing

  • Edge & Fog (intelligent) computing
  • realtime analysis
  • distribution computing

Modal analysis

  • Natural frequencies
  • Damping
  • Modal deformations

It reads Dynamic Monitoring, it says Security for All.

Our strengths

edge computing
Data analysis
Anomaly detection
predictive maintenance
customized reports
automatic actions
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