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The infrastructure we give voice to.

Increasingly Smart Infrastructures.

Sensoworks aims to make bridges, tunnels, buildings, sewer systems, water systems, and construction sites safer. We collect, analyze and interpret quality data to enable you to make safer choices and prevent future damage and issues.

Infrastructure monitoring

We keep bridges, tunnels, buildings, tunnels, sewers, and water systems safe.
Sensoworks is constantly working to prevent failures, anomalies, and damage.

Water management

Digital in support of environmental protection.

Intelligent devices and data availability for effective decision-making, combine both the physical and virtual worlds in the cyber-physical systems (CPS) of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Services (IoS).

Building Automation

Structural monitoring includes the
measurement of static strain (inclinations,
bending, elongation, shortening) and
dynamic stress (acceleration) on new or
existing buildings.

Smart Parking

Transforming parking into a smart mobility hub.

The cities of the future will be increasingly Smart and connected, and parking lots are no exception. Sensoworks technology provides centralized management and control of devices, networks, and sensors, creating an interoperable and consistent ecosystem.


The circular economy also comes through smart Waste Management.

Sensoworks has devised a solution for tracking containers' filling in real-time, developing a collection plan that considers fleet capacity.

Assets Management

Precise life cycle management of assets.

Sensoworks IoT-enabled asset management solution enables industries to precisely locate their assets and monitor their performance.

Cyber Security

It preserves sensitive information in the best possible way. 

An I-IoT system such as Sensoworks not only optimizes the production process by making it more efficient but also provides strict security controls.


A monitoring and cybersecurity solution for the Healthcare 4.0.

The Sensoworks I-IoT Platform acts as a centralized tool for the management and tracking of diseases and the analysis of the safety of the devices.

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