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A young startup, but with experience

We are a recently established but experienced company. 

Born in 2020, we inherited our wide experience and proficiency in the Information Technology field from GreenVulcano Technologies, the company we spun off from, and from the individual background of our founders.

Why should You invest on Sensoworks?

Pioneers on a Fast Growing Market

We operate as pioneers on a fast-growing market, forecasted to grow 24.9% (CAGR 2020-2027).

It'll reach $1463.19 billion by 2027 and expand to adjacent niches in the next years.

Deep Infrastructure Competence

In Europe 75% of infrastructures hasn’t yet been built.
70% of investors will invest money to the infrastructure shift on greener technologies and new 5G installations (Preqin estimates).

Highly skilled Managing Team

Our team is wide, young and with important and differentiated skills.
Skills spreading from IT (architecture expertise and technology mastership), to Business Management and Startup Mentoring.

International with Italian Quality

Our Italian roots allow us to be inventive in front of continuous changes, while our experience brought us to structure, lead projects and sell products in North America and Europe, further enhancing our expertise in the field.

We Sense the Future

At Sensoworks, we deeply believe in the potential of technology for the human being. Infrastructures in particular, are a crucial piece of our life, connecting us with others and our families together. 

We like to look back in history, to our ancestors, the Romans. They built aqueducts, bridges and roads still standing today, still shaping the urban landscape and the road network of Europe and the Mediterranean.

We even like to look forward, and we believe that we can support infrastructures  endure as the Romans did, even more efficiently, given the technology available today.

Sensoworks - Vision of the Future

In a market full of necessities, we want to answer with a solution.

Sensoworks - Vision of the Future

Some Facts about Sensoworks

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