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Asset Management

the client


Since its inception, the client company has continually evolved and transformed, expanding its product portfolio and becoming the global benchmark for the production of generators and warehouse material handling equipment. The various business lines ensure the company's leading role in various global markets.

the challenge

Acquiring telemetry data
The customer has more than 4,000 nationally distributed assets to manage, maintain, and for which ensure operation. Each generator involves the acquisition of various telemetry data such as temperature, engine RPM, voltage, current output, and grid frequency. Generators can be stationary or mobile. In the case of mobile generators, any unplanned movement of the generator must also be considered (geofencing).

Maintenance management and forecasting
The customer needs to know in advance the need for maintenance for each generator to ensure continuity of service. Specifically, it is essential to know well in advance the need to replace generator components in a state of degradation to manage inventory availability and possible procurement better.

User profiling
The customer using in some cases third parties for installation and maintenance activities needs to profile, then manage, and access information as well as maintenance activities, for each maintainer or group of maintainers.

the solution

Integrated management of more than 4,000 generators within the Sensoworks IIoT Platform. Thanks to the platform's auto-provisioning feature, the customer is able, for each new asset activated, to automatically register the asset's master data and acquire telemetry data in real time. Each asset is monitored in real time and the information is accessible through intuitive and configurable dashboards.

For each asset, it is possible to access master information, data sheets, maintenance work performed, and any events/alarms that have occurred over time or are active at that time.

Optimization of maintenance activities for each asset or group of assets.
Allows the customer to manage maintenance interventions by scheduling them according to the maintenance status of the individual asset. Based on telemetry data acquired from each generator and previous interventions, the Sensoworks IIoT Platform schedules maintenance interventions by highlighting to the customer the best period to perform the intervention.

Integration with the customer's systems to organize maintenance interventions also according to the inventory.
Thanks to the integration via API between the customer's systems and the Sensoworks IIoT Platform, predictive algorithms can predict the best time for maintenance interventions depending on the state of component supply.

the improvement

By adopting the Sensoworks IIoT Platform, the customer can manage the maintenance of more than 4,000 generators directly or indirectly through external maintenance companies. Predictive maintenance and forecasting capabilities enable the customer to ensure continuity of service and intervene before any asset failure. In addition, thanks to its integration with the warehouse, the Sensoworks platform can optimize spare parts procurement costs.

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