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Waste Management

the client


ACEA is an Italian multiservice company active in the management and development of networks and services in the water, energy and environmental sectors. It manages water, produces and distributes electricity, and revalues waste. With one goal: to generate value for people and for the territory in which it operates.

the challenge
  • Measurement of urban conferred volume and container status (intelligent tracking)

The conferred (RUR) must be picked up promptly from containers that can provide direct and unambiguous information regarding the container identifier, the container filling status (volume of the residue), its general condition (accidental falls, bumps, misplacement of the container, fires, ...), date and time of picking. Some of this information can also be collected in the case of households (door-to-door collection).


  • Smart picking

The management of the fleet of vehicles for pickup and the optimization of the conferred picking activities can be optimized thanks to the information received in near real-time from the smart tracking devices inserted in the containers. In this way, the route and picking activities of the conferred are calculated based on the actual filling status of the containers.


  • Data analysis, predictive maintenance 

The information collected thanks to the devices installed in the containers, together with picking information, enables detailed analysis concerning the actual use of the containers, their state of health, and the possible need for maintenance, as well as the optimization of the trips made by the collection vehicles.

the solution

Design monitoring device for acquisition, processing, and transmission of data collected from waste containers such as filling level, tipping, emptying, fire, collision, and positioning. We have made and installed several devices for monitoring urban dumpsters deployed at the roadside.

Optimization of conferred collection through the use of smart picking & smart tracking algorithms present within Sensoworks IIoT Platform. The algorithms make it possible to optimize the collection round based on the individual container's fill status and its availability status. For example, a container that has been overturned or impacted is excluded from the collection round and notified as needing maintenance to the response teams. (image to use: Waste collection)
Event and alarm management for each container. This type of intervention allows maintenance teams to be notified promptly of events recorded by the monitoring device such as overturns, fires, impacts, or displacements. (image to use: Monitoring)

the improvement

The customer can monitor in real-time the actual status of container filling, to optimize collection activities according to filling by optimizing collection cycles with real benefits in terms of consumption and time. In addition, information regarding the health status of the individual container allows the customer to optimize maintenance interventions by promptly sending teams to the field to replace containers, avoiding the prolonged availability time of the containers themselves used by citizens

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