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Waste management is a significant challenge for many cities worldwide. The amount of waste produced is constantly increasing, then an organised and efficient collection must be necessarily implemented. It must be efficient in order to provide timely and efficient service to citizens, and must aim to be more sustainable in terms of both environmental impact and the costs of management itself.

Current Issues in Waste Management 

One of the biggest issue in waste management is the lack of information related to the waste flow. Often, waste managers do not have a complete understanding of the amounts and types of waste produced in a delimited area, making it difficult to efficiently plan the waste collection and disposal.

Moreover, many waste management systems are still manual and require a lot of time and human intervention to be performed correctly. This leads to higher costs and low efficiency in waste management.

All of this is primarily due to the presence of outdated infrastructure. Many waste management facilities are old and were not designed to support IoT technology. This makes it difficult to implement a smart picking system into existing infrastructure.

How to Improve Waste Management with IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) technology is transforming many industries, and waste management is not an exception. IoT technology allows real-time data collection on the waste produced in a given area, and this data can be used to improve the management of the process. Here's how smart picking can improve waste management:

IoT can thus improve waste management by providing precise and real-time information on the waste produced in a given area, allowing for more efficient waste collection and disposal planning, reducing operational costs, and increasing the recycling rate.

Applications of Intelligent Monitoring and Smart Picking

Here are 4 brief examples showing the effectiveness of an IoT solution:

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