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Iso 14001 Certification

August 5, 2021

Iso 14001 Certification

A great result

On topics such as environmental sustainability, business processes and especially on the quality of our products and solutions, we chose to never compromise. We chose to pursue what we think are the best decisions and to improve the market we operate in and the community we live in as people. We’re satisfied with our achievements and we’re proud to announce that Sensoworks’s efforts have been awarded with the ISO 14001 certification.

Sensoworks’s mission is clear: to develop and support advanced systems for infrastructure management and monitoring in order to strengthen the national and local infrastructure grid and have roads, bridges and major works last even longer than the Romans’. To achieve this ambitious goal, we constantly strive to adopt the most efficient work methodologies and advanced technologies, to foster sustainability in our work and products.

Why is the ISO 14001 important for us (and for you).

Certifications audit the reliability of a company like ours in regards to different topics. From the very beginning, we strived to certify the quality of our internal processes to assure our partners and customers of the efforts our team carries out in all their activities.  

Moreover, the ISO 14001 certification is part of a further effort: the so-called extra mile that Sensoworks chose to walk to promote systems of environmental management in line with its values. The ISO 14001 not only certifies the attention our company pays on its carbon footprint, but also its efforts to create a pattern of continuous improvement.

This is done through internal and external recurring audits, employee training and education on environmental best practices and a constant check on the impact of the company assets, products and their effects on the surrounding environment.

What this means for us

We are extremely honored to receive proof of our efforts. However, we still try to improve our carbon footprint and company processes daily. Being awarded with such an important certification it’s a landmark in the long journey we have ahead. A journey we planned to pursue our values and our company vision and to realize our mission.

Thanks will never be enough. But we’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who shared our journey and efforts with us and we’d like to assure you that we won’t stop now. Thanks to our fantastic team for their contribution to our vision and for taking on the hard duty to make it happen every day.

Last, but not least, thanks to our partners and customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to realize all our little revolutions.


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