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Hardware Supplier Partners

What we do for them.

Hardware Suppliers' challenges

Manufacturers of IoT devices very often fail to integrate them with platforms on the market.
They currently experience difficulties in processing the data produced in one centralized platform.
This impacts device management, control and monitoring, which is decentralized (FOTA)

The opportunities and benefits with Sensoworks

Through our connectors and/or SDK, you can easily integrate your devices with the platforms used by your customers.
Connect your devices with a heterogeneous IoT ecosystem by disintermediating different protocols and languages;
Thanks to SW Edge Gateway, you can:

  • acquire, monitor, and control your devices from a single point (remote diagnostics, remote control, centralization);
  • remotely analyze your devices in real-time and online
  • Make your devices smart, thanks to local Machine Learnin models

Those who are already on board with us.

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