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Securing devices in healthcare space

August 4, 2022

Securing devices in healthcare space

On the one hand, networked medical devices are revolutionising the way patients engage with healthcare. On the other hand, these devices are exposing millions of patients and healthcare providers to safety and security risks.

While in the past the healthcare industry focused largely on patient privacy, it is important to note that security is not the same as privacy. Privacy focuses more on access control, while security is about protecting the systems and sensitive data from intruders.

Many healthcare records and devices in use today are vulnerable, and the number of networked medical devices is rapidly growing. As more connected devices come to the market, the following security risks must be addressed.

Numerous industry working groups have convened to discuss and create standards, guidelines, and best practices for securing networked medical devices across the healthcare industry. This work is essential and will move the industry in the right direction, but there are security decisions that can be made today to protect devices and the sensitive data they transmit. Certain security approaches, such as encryption and authentication, will be part of whatever standard emerges from the working groups.

Secure IoT medical devices should contain costs for both industry professionals and patients. Today, we have much more data for medical research and patient monitoring to implement more effective risk prevention plans - in this context, better device safety means better healthcare.

Sensoworks IIoT Platform allows you to acquire data from any medical device - whether it is a “wearable” device such as a glucometer, or a diagnostic device such as an X-ray or ultrasound system. The purpose is to monitor both the operating status of the device and to analyse any tampering with it from a security point of view.

The platform, therefore, allows you to monitor in real time the operating status of the devices and the occurrence of any security problems due to tampering or attacks (cyber security), by notifying the control centre of the onset of these phenomena.

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