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Senso Asset: Sensoworks’s for any Asset Management challenge

March 22, 2022

Senso Asset: Sensoworks’s for any Asset Management challenge

Logistics, supply chain, vehicle fleets and various assets that make up the vital chain of a business all need extreme caution and attention to avoid undesired events such as malfunctions, breakdowns, loss, etc. Not to mention the cost of reparations, deployment, inspections and all the effort wasted in reorganizing all the assets to cover the hole in the chain, even if temporarily.

When speaking of asset management, hence, businesses are faced with multiple, hard challenges

  • They have to maximize the potential of connected assets with an eye on the cost-effectiveness; 
  • They have to monitor their equipment even in remote locations or places where employees can’t easily intervene; 
  • They have to secure access to critical assets; 
  • They have to know the precise location of all the assets, 
  • As well as any potential information that could affect their performance.

Traditional Solution

Companies with a large number of assets or a certain scale of operations have always had to monitor and control the performance of their assets. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), indeed, might not be a new concept, but the technology and the application methods have changed much in the last years.

“Traditionally”, assets - and asset management activities - were all considered independently. Each had its performance, values, efficiency and the final results would then make up the whole of the asset grid, up to the provided services. However, this not only brought to the systemic creation of data silos - which hinder scalability and overall development - but also to an erroneous conception of monitoring and asset performance.

Good asset management, instead, should always look at the company resources and performance as parts of a whole, each with a certain relevance, for each is a critical gear in a complex machine.

Our solution: IoT Asset Management

To have multiple solutions to tackle the several problems with the management of the various assets would be equally counterproductive and decentralizing. That is why Sensoworks came up with one solution that could integrate all the potential answers to the many problems businesses face on a daily basis with their asset management operations.

Senso Asset is the central component of Sensoworks’s IoT Asset Management solution It allows companies to manage the entire asset’s life cycle, from procurement and installation to management and maintenance, until its disposal.  

IoT technology has an unprecedented potential to simplify and cut the costs. From automation to detailed information based on data, IoT can increase current resources and maximize the efficiency of the workforce. However, we still face many challenges in IoT adoption. We need to introduce tools and organic asset monitoring methodologies, with a data-driven decision-making approach.

This way, management becomes fully automated, enhancing the efficiency of the whole value chain. Spread implementation of these systems simplifies the way producers, suppliers and storehouse managers work. No more from a data silos perspective. This means:

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Higher quality products and services
  4. Improved decision making
  5. Shorter machinery idle time

Moreover, workflow automation also means that the user gets notified immediately when an event occurs or an alarm goes off - for instance, maybe because certain values exceeded the given threshold. Alarms, in particular, are extremely intuitive to manage on Senso Asset. The location of the event is shown on a map, giving the user the possibility to click on it and check all the necessary information to take action and intervene immediately on the emergency.

The predictive analysis tool helps to identify the main cause of a problem and to work on damage control, managing mistakes in advance. The production line will be provided with more data, which allow for higher visibility and to undergo complex scenarios for a stronger management system.

In brief, IoT devices’ automation and data gathering skills make the work environment more efficient. They value the various measurements and suggest the best decisions based on data and predictions. 

Technical Details and Product Specifics

Senso Asset is designed to be fully integrated into Sensoworks IoT platform for complex IoT scenarios, for both on-premise and cloud infrastructures. The gathered and processed data are shown to the user both in a dashboard and in the form of reports, with the possibility to encrypt data on a centralized blockchain. 

Moreover, Senso Asset moves with a microservices approach, which helps both the platform and the customer to implement whatever necessary modification to their assets and services without compromising the entirety of the activity.

The platform is open source to give the customer the max flexibility in terms of product adoption. We want to empower our users with the opportunity to customize their experience and make their own decisions when it comes to collecting and processing data. That’s why Senso Asset can also be connected to data and devices the customer already possesses and is designed with an API-first approach. In case of specific needs, we can also provide our Edge Gateway to collect data from sensors and even provide our customers with sensors manufactured by our trusted partners.

However, we are a fan of an agnostic approach when it comes to monitoring and controlling critical assets: in the solutions we design, we are willing to implement whatever protocol our customers need. Specifically, Sensoworks’s platform supports the main standards and protocols in the IoT industry:

  • Infrastructure: 6LowPAN, IPv4/IPv6 (tcp/ip socket)
  • Identification: IPv6, URIs
  • Comms / Transport: Wifi, Bluetooth, LPWAN, LoRaWAN, JSON/HTTP, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Cellular
  • Discovery:  mDNS
  • Data Protocols: MQTT, CoAP, AMQP, Websocket, Node, SCADA, OPC-UA


As we saw, one of the main challenges for the management of company assets is the need for a specific vision in the monitoring of the single resources. The dynamicity and globality of today’s markets, instead, pushes companies to strive to be more efficient, which can be achieved only thanks to an organic and holistic management of all the assets.

On the other hand, in the last years, software solutions and connectivity developed exponentially - and still are. This allows us to have solutions like Senso Asset, for an all-in-one management of any asset and the flexibility to integrate old standards, but also to change due to technological developments in the future. 

The complexity of the problems and the diversity of the available solutions also calls for an important initial moment where the company (usually, with specialized consultants) has to analyze its environment and goals. Thus, it has to take fundamental decisions for its technological infrastructure. 

If your company manages complex assets too and if you want to discover how it can benefit from new available solutions, we would love to arrange a virtual meeting. We will provide you with all the necessary information and, if necessary, we will prepare a specific demo for your company.

Write to us with a brief description of your needs.

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